Midea Story

Make yourself at home
Founded in 1968,Midea has long been enriching the lives of customers with innovative home, commercial products and solutions, from kitchen appliances, central air conditioning systems, refrigerators, washing machines to small appliances across over 200 countries.

Turn on Midea
Midea has taken significant steps toward becoming a global leader in home appliances, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, robotics and industrial automation systems due to increased investment in research and development. Base on brilliant operating revenue, Midea has risen to #450 on the Global Fortune 500 List.

Midea’s VRF joints the party
Midea carrier wins 12 bids to provide revolutionary HVAC for all of Brazil’s New Sports Stadium in 2016. With audience comfort in mind, Midea carrier installed V5X-series VRF units in all facilities to ensure ventilation at a consistent temperature range throughout the 2016 Sports Games. Same year, another two important partners-KUKA Robot and Toshiba home appliance joined Midea family. For a strong and smart factory and product line.